U.S. Embassy In Ghana Debunks Fake Stories About ‘Ghanaians Spending 30 Days In USA Without A Visa’

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1 min readApr 6, 2019

The U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana has debunked false and misleading stories stories that

”Ghanaians Can Now Spend Up-To 30 Days In USA Without A Visa”

Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Ghana

Jayne Howell, the Consul General (U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana) has clarified the fake ‘Ghana- U.S — 30 Days Visa Free Rumours circulating out there.

‘The visa restrictions apply to ONLY Ghanaian executive and legislative branch employees and their spouses and children and domestic employees of Ghanaian diplomats” ~ Jayne Howell,

For all those planning on traveling to the U.S. and wondering if they are affected or not, kindly watch the video below from the U.S. Embassy Ghana

or simply visit their website at gh.usembassy.gov/visas/ for accurate information

Source.Credit: U.S. Embassy Ghana

Originally published at africancelebs.com on April 6, 2019.



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