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a forest flourishing in the tropical rainforest, the nature induced harmattan wind blowing from the Sahara desert, rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship?

Then Africa is a place for you. Throw in that sense of being in a place that has not changed for centuries, and sometimes millennia, and you get some of the most inspiring, and inspired, destinations on the planet.

Africa is huge, yes, it is a vast continent that is so varied and filled with a melting pot of cultures, identities, history and beautiful nature.

It is a continent that has so much diversity that in most occasions is forgotten when we hear ‘Africa’ mentioned as a place to go.

It is really hard to bottle down the essence of Africa into a singular destination, even though we see this happen time and time again on prints, radio and television.

Africa is a continent of adventure. Tourism to the continent is on the increase, and for good reason. With so much on offer from each country, you have to decide what you want to get out of your trip. With its expansive landscapes and formidable animal life, the world’s second-biggest continent is arguably the best for photographers.

Africa has many interesting stories, artifacts, philosophy and great contemporary artists. Ethiopia is a country of ancient culture, with archaeological finds dating back over 3 million years, including the 12th-century churches in Lalibela and the ruins of the ancient city of Aksum — focal point of the Aksumite Empire (AD 100–940) — is the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.

It is the place to visit if you are a history geek. They have a vast array of historical and archaeological sights that are just too good to miss, especially Gondar Castle.

Regarding the Ethiopian Modern music/Jazz specially JAZ AMBA at taitu hotel in Addis is the best and 80 birr entrance every Friday…

Veteran musicians like Mulatu Astatke professor of Jazz in American Universities getting many international recognition is an Ethiopian. He is a jazz percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, and noted as the founder of Ethio-jazz.

There are intriguing festivals all year round in Ghana, West Africa that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Traditional festivals erupt with remarkable cultural and historical propensity. Art, food and music festivals come with creative dynamism, outstanding street tastes, and exciting rare rhythms!

Some of these festival are annual events including Homowo, held annually in Accra to commemorate bounty harvests, the Bakatue, celebrated by the people of Elmina, symbolizes the ‘process of discharge’ as the Benya Lagoon becomes one with the sea to commence the fishing season and many more.

Visiting Africa soon? Why not visit Ghana, did you know that Ghana has lots Castles and forts?

Africa is really a place to be, with its unadulterated basins, savanna, forests, deserts, rivers and land marks, you will seriously appreciate the artistic powers of nature.

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