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As Africa’s struggle with poverty, corruption, and civil wars continues, we are left to wonder if Africa is all about corrupt leaders.

Luckily, there are a few presidents who are trying their best to bring peace and welfare to their country.

Based on International Corruption Index and Ibrahim Index of African Governance, 10 best presidents of African have been ranked. Let’s take a look. (In no particular order)

Nana Addo has brought peace to Ghana after decades of military rule. Today, Ghana holds the position as one of the economic powers of Africa.

Under Addo’s presidency, the country has improved greatly through Free High Education policy, and a 7-year Co-ordinated Programme for reforming the economy.

Rwanda has evolved and economically grown thanks to the two decades of Kagame’s rule. He ended the 1994 genocide and unified the country that was divided.

Following the economic trends of China and Singapore, he tried to implement their strategies in Rwanda’s economies through his development plan called Vision 2020.

Seychelles has the highest CPI score and the least corruption in Africa thanks to Faure.

The former Vice President was elected in 2016 and worked towards increasing the employment rate, as well as equality and human rights.

Botswana is among the top 3 African countries in Peace Index, as well as the African country with the most stable economy.

President Masisi has a big role in it, just like when he was the minister of education until 2018.

He has experience at the United Nations and UNICEF, which he uses to improve the country’s education and employment rate, as well as nature conservation.

Before becoming the president in 2015, Geingob was the prime minister from 1990 till 2002. During those years, he worked towards improving the security and human rights.

Ever since Sall came to power in 2012, Senegal has become one of the business hubs of West Africa. It is now the sixth fastest growing economy in the continent.

Sall also worked towards ending corruption by reducing the state spending, and the salaries of the directors of agencies.

He also founded the National Anti-corruption Office. His other aim was to reduce the cost of living by reducing the price of rice, sugar, and oil.

Ramaphosa had a lot to fix after predecessor Jacob Zuma, who resigned after charges of corruption.

Ramaphosa has worked towards land reforms and human rights, which both have high scores among other African countries.


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