Saniniu Laizer: Tanzanian Miner Becomes Overnight Millionaire

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2 min readJun 24, 2020

Congratulations are in order! Saniniu Laizer, a Tanzanian small-scale miner has sold one of the scarcest rocks on earth, “Tanzanite” mined in the site of northern Tanzania.

Mr. Saniniu Laizer who mined the most expensive rock in Tanzania last week sold them today to the Tanzanian mining ministry in an open market ceremony in the northern district of Manyara in Tanzania.

According to reports, the two Tanzanite rocks unearthed by 52 year old Mr. Lazier has a combined weight of 15kg (2.3lb) and worth, 3.4 million dollars. Based on the amount generated from the two mining rocks, Mr. Lazier who is 52.

It is believed that, it can take as long as 20 years before it might completely deflate.

President of the Republic of Tanzania, John Magufuli sent his congratulatory message to Mr. Laizer by calling him.

As part of the congratulatory message, the president reminded small-scale miners that their country is rich in minerals and the achievement of Mr. Laizer is part of the benefit derived from small-scale mining

President Magufuli has promised to protect the country’s interests in the area of mining as well as increasing the government’s income from the mining sector.

2 years ago, President Magufuli asserted that, there has been an increase in the revenue of the government from the mining sector which he attributed the increment to the wall that was built around the site with the reason being that, it helped in the reduction of smuggling from the mining site.

The 52 years old overnight millionaire was given the platform to express his feelings about this accomplishment.

He told the press, he would celebrate his success by slaughtering one of his cows and throw a big party…

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