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2 min readJul 17, 2020

Mr Richard Brown, popularly known as Osebo has mind-blowing fashion sense.

Recounting his life story, he disclosed that he is the eldest among five siblings of his parents. He was given the name “Osebo” by his father because in

his early years he exhibited the traits of braveness and valor and that has been very influential in his life today.

According to him, life hasn’t been all rosy and that he managed to rise to the top through hard working.

Growing up, he had to quit education at the junior level and hustle through truck pushing to support himself and his younger siblings since his parent couldn’t afford to that due to financial difficulties.

Through it all he trusted in God and humbled himself until he experienced his breakthrough through an old man who happened to be the father of his classmate.

The old man helped him to travel to Europe and since then his life has been a testimony.

Talking about his sense of fashion that has triggered many controversial arguments from Ghanaians and other people on the internet, Osebo revealed that he doesn’t seem to be bothered at all with the provocative comments.

He said, his love for fashion began when he was very young, however, he wasn’t the kind of person that had interest in showing off on social media at the time.

‘People are getting to know me and my fashion styles because am now on social media’ Osebo

Realizing his love for fashion, he also enrolled in a fashion school to spice up his way of dressing. Again, his fashion sense was influenced by the different cultural values he has been experiencing through globetrotting.

Mr. Richard Brown, also asserted that ethnicity also plays important role in our way of dressing and most of the times the Ashanti tribe in Ghana is one of the ethnic groups that has been hailed for their strong sense of fashion.

Furthermore, he explained that Ghanaians may not his fashion sense, he’s optimistic and believe that eventually they will accept and adapt to it.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused a downturn in economic activities as such, like many businesses things are a bit slow. However, believing in God and the authenticity of his products keeps him flourishing even in these trying times.

Originally published at on July 17, 2020.



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