Mercy Jonhson-Okojie At The premiere Of The Movie ‘The Legend Of Inikpi’

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1 min readJan 20, 2020

This week she released the trailer of her produced full length feature “the Legend of Inikpi” just a few days ago.

Photo Credit: Mercy Jonhson-Okojie

She was once a Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor regarding entertainment, arts and culture

According to reports, the movie is part of her third major projects she achieved as part of her short stay as the senior special assistant to Kogi state governor.

She explained that, people are still more interested in knowing more about Nigerian culture and that really encouraged her to produce this movie.

The legend of Inikpi reveals a true story of two ancient mighty kingdoms named Igala Kingdom and Bini Kingdom who were at the verge of war because of a warrior princess.

The princess belonging to the Igala Kingdom decided to offer herself to be buried physically as a sacrifice to secure success for Igala against the Bini Kingdom.

The movie which showed the true traditions of both kingdoms starred heavyweights Nollywood stars like mercy Johnson-Okojie, Sam Dede, Paul Obazele, Saidi Balogun among others.

Originally published at on January 20, 2020.



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