Harmonize Afro East Album 2020

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1 min readJan 10, 2020

In his recent exclusive interview, regarding the progress of the album, the renowned Tanzanian artist Rajabu Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize he disclosed that, the album will be released in February.

Afro East Album 2020 Credit: Harmonize

The Afro East Album will cover all African music particularly that of East African music by his fellow artistes, his collaborations and all the songs of his old friends.

He also explained that, the purpose of he bringing together different types of music genre in one book is to let the world have a feel of African music.

As well as the creativity behind East African music and the positive energy that East African music carries.

In other words, the world and music fans should… https://bit.ly/2ThyYr1

Originally published at https://africancelebs.com on January 10, 2020.



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