Happy Birthday To Yvonne Okoro…

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1 min readNov 25, 2019
Phtoto credit: Yvonne Okoro

the stunning and gorgeous Actress, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist is a year older today! Join African Celebs in wishing Yvonne a wonderful birthday!

Yvonne Okoro graduated from University of Ghana, and a diploma from the Uuniversite of Nantes in France in 2009.

Yvonne Okoro has over the years played different roles in movies here in Ghana, Nigeria and France and has a plethora of accolades, with several awards and nominations under her belt such….

The first Ghanaian actress to have been interviewed on BBC focus for Africa and appeared on the radio breakfast show Newsday on BBC radio as fast rising entrepreneur…

MORE AT: https://bit.ly/2qBINEE

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