Happy Birthday To Ama Ata Aidoo

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1 min readMar 23, 2020


World renowned Author,Poet, Playwright Ama Ata Aidoo is a year older today. Join us in wishing this talented and amazing woman an awesome day!.

Professor Ama Ata Aidoo hails from Saltpond in the Central Region of Ghana. She’s a Fante who grew up from a royal household.

Through her experience and that of her family members she become a writer and successfully wrote her first play, “Dilemma of a Ghost”

In 1965, her publication earned her the first African woman dramatist.

In 2000, she founded Mbaasem Organisation, their aim is to promote and support the work of African writers.

professor Ama Ata Aidoo, taught English at university of Cape Coast and served as an Associate Researcher at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana.

As a Ghanaian novelist, poet and a playwriter, her writing style mostly revolved around the conflict between the Western and African world views.

Some of her works include, “Anowa”, a short film known as the Art of Ama Ata Aidoo, Our Sister Killjoy, Someone Talking to Sometime, An Angry Letter to January among others which earned her several awards.


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