Africa Travel: Reasons Your Next Destination Should Be In Africa

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5 min readApr 17, 2019

Africa means something different to everyone. To some, it means sipping a cocktail and sleeping on a hammock by the beach.

To others, it means elephants and lions roaming around freely. To some, it’s about the struggle and feeling grateful to find a drop of water to survive.

Whatever the case is; Africa is a continent everybody should visit because the combination of wildlife, landscape, culture and the complex history is enough to appreciate the life with its beauties and difficulties at the same time. Here are five reasons to book a flight ticket to Africa

Without a doubt, Africa is the continent where you can get the best wild-life experience possible. Drifting apart from the vulgarity of zoos, African tourism aims to meet travelers and wild animals in a more natural environment.

The animals can roam around in their natural habitats and the travelers can walk or drive around safely without hurting them.

Masai Mara in Kenya is undoubtedly the biggest safari park in the world. Its dense savannah vegetation makes the area feasible for many wild animals to live.

Serengeti in Tanzania, Chobe in Botswana and Kruger in South Africa are the biggest competitors of Masai Mara. These safari parks in Central and Southern Africa are excellent opportunities for animal encounters that will make your heart pound faster and make you feel like you are in a documentary set.

Drinking mojito, listening to reggae music and reading book against crystal clear waters while surrounded by palm trees…

who doesn’t dream of that perfect tropical vacation? Luckily, the southeast coast of the continent offers that and more thanks to the warm Indian Ocean. Zanzibar in Tanzania is obviously the most popular honeymoon location with the turquoise waters,

but there are many lesser known vacation spots in Tanzania. The long stretch of coastline in Mozambique is also full of hidden gems such as Tofo and Vilanculos.

If you are tired of sitting by the beach, there are numerous snorkeling spots where you can explore the residents of marine life. Madagascar’s Nosy Be Island is very abundant in diving spots.

Have you ever seen a cave painting in real life? Africa is perhaps where you can spot them the most. As the first inhabitants of Africa, the Khoi Khoi and San tribes in the Southern Africa left an enormous amount of heritage behind. There are many archeological spots and caves where you can find artifacts belonging to them.

The migration of Bantu tribes from West and Central Africa created a further blended culture and left a greater influence in today’s Africa from the art to the cuisine.

This was followed by the colonization and settlement of Portuguese, German, Dutch, French and British forces, which lead to many controversies such as Apartheid in South Africa. Visiting many museums and exhibitions depicting those years, you will not blink an eye at all!

Whether it’s hiking for days, climbing the highest peaks in the world or jumping of over 200 meters, Africa’s diverse terrain offers many adventures for outdoor lovers. For intense climbing adventures, you can try Mount Kilimanjaro 5895 meters above sea-level, making it the highest peak in Africa,

although it is one of many options. Drakensberg in South Africa, Erta Ale Volcano in Ethiopia will offer a perfect combination of adrenaline rush and scenic lookout points.

South Africa and Namibia are particularly rich in extreme sports from bungee-jumping to skydiving, from rafting to desert safari and shark-cage diving. Also, this article can’t be complete without the mention of the picturesque Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Overall, your options are endless.

Volunteering tourism is fast-developing in many parts of the world, but there is still a high demand for volunteers in many African countries. If you are one of those who want to see other parts of the world and truly make an impact in the places you visit, Africa should be on top of your list.

Medical resources are scarce, and the some part of Africa still battles with diseases like AIDS, malaria and ebola. If you have any qualification related to health-sciences, you can volunteer in rural villages.

There are numerous ways of helping the community including giving talks about HIV, aiding at the medical clinics and helping care-givers with the disabled or elderly.

Wild-life conservation is very crucial in Africa since there was significant damage in the past due to hunting and poaching. There are many sanctuaries protecting the endangered species such as chimpanzees.

You can volunteer at these facilities and help the staff with the care-giving of the animals. You can also take part in recycling and eco-bricking projects to bring awareness to the people in keeping the environment clean.

Eco-bricking is particularly interesting, because you have a chance to witness how plastic litter can be recycled into bricks for local buildings.

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